Latest Coronavirus information for our orthodontic / Invisalign patients:

In accordance with the latest healthcare guidance, the Practice has ceased all routine, non-urgent dental treatment until the Coronavirus epidemic is under control. We continue to review the situation on a daily basis and will endeavour to restore our normal service as soon as it is safe to do so.

If you are currently under active orthodontic treatment and you have a SEVERE dental emergency, requiring urgent advice or assistance, please call the Practice on:

📲   01564 822224  or  07368 132712

All patients will be assessed and TRIAGED over the telephone and appropriate advice / treatment will be provided.

In addition, Dr Louise Gidda or a member of our team will be progressively contacting all of our orthodontic patients in order to ensure that your treatment progresses as smoothly as possible during these unprecedented times. In some cases, we may have no alternative other than to ‘pause’ active treatment until we are able to resume our normal clinical practice.

Please rest assured that we will endeavour to do our very best to protect you and your smile during these uncertain times.  If you have any urgent orthodontic issues, please call or message us on our dedicated mobile helpline – 07368 132712 (please remember to include your full name within your text message).

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience; however, these strict social distancing measures MUST be implemented in order to protect our patients, dental team and the wider community.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Above all, please remember: